Factory Sound Blog Entries

April 14

our-kind-of-easter-hamperA quick heads-up: Factory Sound showroom will be closed for the four days of Easter period. We’re open this week until 6.00pm Thursday 17th April, Good Friday: CLOSED; Easter Saturday: CLOSED; Easter Sunday: CLOSED; Easter Monday: CLOSED; re-opening Tuesday 22nd April at 9.30am… Read More »

April 8

art415-endof-lineAs is usual throughout the year, pro audio manufacturers like to tweak their range of offerings – sometimes to ‘refresh things’ while other times it can be the addition of an upgraded model or whole product line. Unfortunately this sometimes means that a favourite product gets deleted from manufacture. So let’s have a look at RCF ART415A MkII… Read More »

March 13

footy-tips-gap-yearUpdate: Footy Tipping 2014 – we’ve received a flurry of emails, phone calls, and a rush of tippers coming into the shop wondering “where is footy tipping on your new website”. It’s been a cross between a Shakespearean tragedy, and a shootout at the O.K. Corral… Read More »

March 7

sennheiser-e906-boxMore cab savvy than a tour of the Barossa, Sennheiser e906 is the specialist guitar amplifier microphone that simply works, with stunning results. There’s a lot of love floating around for this microphone. It’s perfect for stage use, being dynamic and supercardioid, and is built tougher than a brick dunny. It’s really up to you how you use it, but here’s… Read More »

March 7

labour-day-siestaHeads up – Factory Sound will be closed for Labour Day on Monday 10th March. It is, of course, the annual celebration of 8 hours work, 8 hours recreation and 8 hours of rest, but for those who regularly perform, mix, lug, promote or support the Australian music scene, we already know that the 8-8-8 split is probably quite flawed. In fact it’s probably closer to 12 hours work, 7 hours travelling… Read More »

March 6

akg-d112Often referred to as ‘The Egg’, for obvious reasons, AKG D112 has been around for ages. A couple of decades ago it was just about the easiest mic to grab and get a great kick sound from. Thesedays, it seems like there are about 400 different kick drums microphones available, so D112 doesn’t scream out as loud for attention – but it is nevertheless still a great mic for your bass drum sounds. Goo goo g’joob… Read More »

March 5

sm58-packaging You’ve seen a great price on Shure SM58 online, and you’re wondering if the price really is too good to be true? Let’s cut straight to some facts that we’ve collected over the past couple of decades. All genuine Shure SM58 microphones are made in Mexico. If the one you’re looking at (or have mistakenly purchased) says ‘Made in USA’ then it’s a fake. However, if it’s a Shure SM58S (with a switch), then ‘Made in Mexico’ is also means it’s a fake – all SM… Read More »

February 28

factorysound-tv-rigThe trucks are unloaded, and the tour is over. We saw a stack of new gear in the flesh, and got to have a good chinwag with not only the local importers, but in some cases the international representative of the product. Part of the charm of CX Roadshow is that it’s not too big and overwhelming, plus we took a stack of video… Read More »