Monthly Archives: September 2008

September 26

Find out why we call this model a ’16 channel firewire recording mixer’ which is a pretty good summary. Of course, having the firewire ports (and ADAT) on board, it means the R16 is most certainly capable of taking a bunch of microphones (16 channels worth), and including your gain & eq settings, resulting in 16 channels worth of 1′s & 0′s. Read More »

September 18

We’ve just realised that our original favourite Behringer product has turned 15. For anyone who doesn’t remember, the old MDX8000 (multi-band compression) was a terrific studio tool that is almost un-findable thesedays. It was deleted by Behringer sometime in the 1990′s…and there are never too many around for sale, but nontheless we remember you. Happy birthday Combinator! Here’s a few more pro audio milestones to consider. Read More »