Monthly Archives: December 2009

December 29

u87 loves vt737 smU87 and VT737. Are they the Posh and Becks of studio land? It seems so, because just about everytime a U87 leaves Factory Sound, there’s a lovely Avalon pre under the proud new owner’s other arm. Does everyone do it because everybody’s doing it? We ask Leigh for the lowdown… Read More »

December 23

sand bags may have stopped the floodWe know it’s been coming for a while. The annual end-of-year stock annihilation. This one is extra special though, because we’ve just received our items that had an extra-special wash. So item that left our building as ‘waterdamaged’ and has returned from the technical recovery company is good to go. Some of these items will be discounted up to 70% off their original Recommended Retail Price. But it’s not just the great flood survivors that are getting the end of year treatment… Read More »

December 23

pro dex 400 limited edition $200 cashback offerTwo cracking specials from Pioneer.DIGITALFORCE7000 pack has RRP of $4999, so our ‘go’ price makes about as much sense as a Chewbacca Defense, but that’s how we roll this time of year. Secondly the limited edition PRODEX400BB (BluBack) is stacked up higher than the limited edition lets on… Read More »

December 9

behringer klark midasRegular readers of this blog and viewers of Factory Sound TV will already know that our friend Uli Behringer is never one to sit back and relax for too long. So although this news may come as a surprise, it doesn’t really amaze us. Just in case you don’t already know, Behringer purchased both Midas and Klark Teknik yesterday. Rather than using his spare cash to buy a garage of slick cars (see what he drives in our video interview) and miniature horses, Uli has reinvested in his biggest passion, professional audio, by injecting some well-needed cash into the UK companies Klark & Midas. This means that two of our favourite brands… Read More »

December 8

last stock of Presonus Firebox just $299Say it isn’t so. Don’t dream it’s over. This is the end, beautiful friend… Actually, we’re far from melancholic, and more than a little excited about the last of our Firebox stock There are only 10 left, and they’ll run out quickly at $299 each. No, it’s not a typo. Firebox was around $700 a couple of years ago. 10 left, $299 each. Don’t even bother asking anyone if this is a good deal. It’s not. It’s a great deal! Read on if you want to see what’s replacing our old friend. Read More »

December 3

sennheiser wireless stage microphoneIn one of those ‘you-snooze-you-lose’ kind of scenes, Sennheiser is seriously bumping up the amount of love being shared this December. Order an EW145G3 wireless handheld mic, and you’ll get the capsule upgraded to an MMD945 (supercardioid dynamic, valued at $493 recommended retail price) at No Extra Charge. Read More »

December 2

presonus studio live, heaps in stockWe’re full swing in December now, and it’s time to join the madness! Just in case you’ve run out of ways to claim the 50% govt tax rebate (before Dec 31, 2009 – don’t forget!) we have made a monster list of mixers. The biggest stacks in stock are Presonus StudioLive and Allen&Heath Zed, WZ and GL series. But deals are there to be done on EVERYTHING! Read More »