Monthly Archives: January 2010

January 20

australian flagFor the record, we will be open Monday 25th Jan, just in case you need some last minute supplies for Australia Day – but we’re fully expecting a quiet day out there, because it’s hardly Australian to show up for work on a Monday if Tuesday is a public holiday. Really. Read More »

January 19

whoops on the copyrightSheesh. We try to do the right thing, but we’re in trouble. Seems that the YouTube music-bots have found a copyright infringement on our YouTube channel. So, we have 3 x $200 gift voucher prizes up for grabs. Read more… Read More »

January 18

lego 08If you’ve got lots of love in your studio, but it’s hard to catch because the love is bouncing uncontrollably off the walls, then start taming the love with these diffusion panels. Not just the domain of the base-jumping Lego® man, these panels can help you mix with greater accuracy by getting rid of nasty slap back echo. More… Read More »

January 15

MOTU Ultralite Mk3 HybridThis one snuck in without so much as a whimper, but now it seems the stirring lion is about to roar. With some upgrades, MOTU realeased the second generation UltraLite, and of course called it UltraLite Mk3. Even though that makes about as much sense as a Chewbacca defence, what about this latest development…MOTU have just realease the ‘world first hybrid audio interface’. It doesn’t run on both petrol and electricity, but you can connect via either Firewire or USB2. Read More »