Monthly Archives: April 2010

April 27

Great wall of hosa IIWe’ve already proclaimed our love of Hosa, but things got even better around here recently. A recent price drop means that we could buy even more stock, and so now if you type HOSA into our search bar you’ll see some nice little additions. Like BNC58101, which is a… Read More »

April 23

fostex pm05 stackIn some kind of crazy win-win situation, we’ve taken full advantage of some juicily low pricing on the range of Fostex powered studio monitors. In particular, the PM05Mk2 nearfield monitor has taken our fancy. It is now just about the best value powered nearfield studio monitor around town, but our stack is sure to disappear quicker than a six-pack at a long weekend barbecue… Read More »

April 9

tone spilling coffee with hd380proSeems like the giveaways don’t stop? Straight up! We’ve got 22 weeks worth of these prizes (that’s 20 weeks left). The important thing is you don’t need to know a thing about AFL footy to win – we asked last week’s winner (codenamed: ericx), who scored a free PreSonus FireStudio Mobile (RRP $529), how he managed to tip better than the rest of the comp. The answer: “I know nothing about AFL, it was a fluke”. Perfect. And a great reason to get on board if you’ve not yet done so. This week’s prize is a pair of Sennheiser HD380PRO monitoring headphones. You may remember them from such videos as “Sennheiser Stakeout”… Read More »