Monthly Archives: May 2010

May 31

bang a gong factory sound saleWe’ll make this as simple as possible. Our famous annual ONE-DAY-ONLY clearance sale is on this FRIDAY 4th JUNE. 9.30am – 6pm. No, we won’t be offering gift wrapping. You can be assured though, that our prices are going to be downright stupidly cheap. There, we said it. We’re currently putting the finishing touches to the ridiculous specials over the entire range at Factory Sound, but here are 4 teasers to get you right in the mood… Read More »

May 28

tascam4Portable digital recorders are by no means a new thing – but TASCAM has just upped the ante somewhat. This big collection of new recorders is not only packed with outstanding features, but is priced to make high quality recording now even more accessible to the masses. The really nice part of this range is that each model has something unique to make it really obviously stand out as the right choice for a particular need. Highlights for us include… Read More »

May 3

Radial DI promo shotThe ins and outs of a great quality DI. Simple for some to grasp, but baffling for others. What makes for great quality direct injection? What’s the difference between an active or a passive DI? Which DI is best for acoustic guitar or for bass. What about if it’s an active bass? Why do I need a DI? If you’ve ever pondered these questions, then have a look at these videos from Peter Janis of Radial Engineering. He’s got it going on… Read More »