Monthly Archives: June 2010

June 30

k_and_m drink holderA lovely not-so-little price adjustment to brighten our day. Especially bouyant after knocking England out of the World Cup, our friends in the Konig & Meyer factory were sitting around with a few celebratory steins of Germany’s finest, watching more vuvuzela on youtube. After a good session, they … Read More »

June 22

allen heath zed10fx cradleWhat a seriously great little mixer. Awesome for so many reasons. What’s your favourite feature? How about the inserts points over main L & R XLR outputs (which, by the way, have a very handy -30dB pad switch of you’re using this as a sub-mixer). Separate stereo RCA outputs for Record out and Monitor out, and how’s the input section! 4 x XLR mic channels with 3-band eq (sweepable mid) and channels 3 & 4 have the very cool feature… Read More »

June 18

more vuvuzelaAll we hear is Vuvuzela. No, it’s not a Queen song. But is does seem that nearly everyone is crazy against the celebratory blasts from thousands of vuvezela at each and every World Cup 2010 football game. However, not everyone is anti-vuvuzela. In fact, we have quite embraced the swam of bees here at Factory Sound. So much so that we’ve borrowed (heavily) from one of our favourite SNL clips. Yes. It’s time for MORE VUVUZELA! Read More »

June 10

Amazing how quickly the start of snow season creeps up on us. But here we are! And for the Monarchists amongst us, that more importantly means that Queen’s Birthday has arrived in Australia for 2010. So this weekend may hold work for you, it may give you the opportunity for some play. Quite possibly a bit of both. For us, it means that we are open as usual on Saturday….and closed Monday 14th June for Queen’s Birthday public holiday. Read More »