Monthly Archives: July 2010

July 27

Zed 10 closeupWe’re big on the mixers this week. Actually, to be a little more accurate, we’re big on little mixers this week. Already there has been heaps of interest in the newly released Zed10FX, and now we’ve just received a nice shipment of Zed10 – without the in-built effects module. This makes Zed10 even more attractive for the… Read More »

July 26

atb08 side-onOne of the more exciting releases in recent times (and there have been heaps in mixer-world) was the Toft Audio ATB series. Of course the 24-channel version has been ultra-popular for the mid-sized project studio, but it could by no means be described as compact. So for those who need the great sound, eq and channel flips WITHOUT the real estate requirements… Read More »