Monthly Archives: September 2010

September 29

rss_m300Watch the whole playlist, or pick and choose via the thumbnails. Here’s a bunch of videos featuring new gear from the recent Integrate 2010 Expo in Sydney. Have a quick scan… and check down the bottom of this article – we’ve got even more exciting things on the way, with a few ‘internationals’ keen to catch up at tomorrow’s AMAC show in Melbourne. Good times ahead! Read More »

September 16

last of digidesign mbox2The day has finally come for the brand ‘Digidesign’ to wave goodbye to the audio world. Of course, they’re not going very far as all future ‘Digi’ bits and piece will be branded ‘AVID’ – as has already been widely reported. What’s this got to do with anything special? We have a bunch of Digidesign MBox2, MBox2Mini and even a couple of MBox2Pro kicking around, and we’re doing ripper pricing to help them into the right studios… Read More »