Monthly Archives: November 2010

November 11

waves_video-sound-suiteScreens and speakers, they obviously go hand-in-hand. But how do you fit into the world of video production. Do-it-yourself filmclips to go with your killer song? Perhaps vision is your primary thing, and someone else sorts the audio out for you? Maybe you’re not a hands-on person at all, and a talented team of creative individuals comes together to help breathe life… Read More »

November 4

Voicelive-Touch_frontThere are lots of reasons to get excited about the soon-to-arrive VoiceLive Touch by TC-Helicon. We just got word that they’re finally in transit to Australia, and the importer will start shipping to us sometime next week. But what’s all the hype actually about? First of all, TC-Helicon has a rich and lengthy heritage in coming up with vocal effects that sound supreme. But this new Voice Live Touch takes it up another notch, by adding three things: (i) a very intuitive and powerful looping section; (ii) a touch screen for easy access to all functions; and (iii) a handy stand mounting system to get it up when you need full access… Read More »

November 3

rme_babyfaceIt’s been a long time coming, but we think RME Babyface is just about to hit us. A nice little message in our inbox this morning said: “The long awaited RME Babyface has arrived in Australia and we have started shipping out your backorders today”. All of RME’s well documented (and somewhat revered) A/D conversion goodness… Read More »