Monthly Archives: December 2010

December 22

PA speakers RCF and QSCOur last few posts have been ‘new this’ and ‘new that’ – all for the studio world. But the sun is finally shining on our festival and gig-a-rama season, so here’s a few nice new releases to get it going on. If you’re simply after a high performing powered PA speaker option, the newly arrived RCF ART4, series is both lightweight and powerful. Should you have more a powerful wooden box inclination, the new KW Series from QSC could be just the ticket. They’ve… Read More »

December 20

build your own studio hamperThere’s nothing like a festive season to bring out the party specials, that coupled with a strong Australian dollar means you can build the exact studio hamper you’re after this year, for far less of your hard-earned. We’re merely scratching the surface here, but a quick gather of some of the new arrivals and studio favourites at Factory Sound saw us build a little stack really quickly. In fact Leigh (who actually spends dangerously too long in the studio) got a bit… Read More »

December 20

opening hours xmas 2010While we were all busy keeping up with the sudden deluge of gigs, functions and general shenanigans that happen upon us all at this time of year, the reason that we all seem to have gotten so busy has snuck up behind us like secret Santa in a ninja suit. Not that anyone is complaining, it’s been great seeing everyone coping with Eight Days a Week stuff. Love it! Anyway, just for the record here’s how we’re situated over the coming couple of weeks… Read More »

December 17

ollie with new iLokMuch to Ollie’s pleasure, the new iLok has landed by the bucketful. And talking of large vessels, this Generation 2 iLok is one big hombre, with space for 500 licenses…Newly opened ProTools 9? Yes, it’s big news. “And the collective pool from a rabidly salivating audio world is something to behold.” Who writes this dribble… Read More »

December 14

dean with fostex t20What about this for a serious deal – our old favourite studio headphones Fostex T20RP-MkII, just in time for the holiday season. Forget that they have a Recommended Retail Price of $229 in Australia, we’ve got a strong dollar and all the news outlets are suggesting the time to purchase overseas is now. Well forget that, as we’ve always promised at Factory Sound, we’re sticking our prices in a place they love: below the cost that ‘normal’ shops are paying… Read More »

December 3

e906 with leighBecause the season of giving is upon us quicker than we can say ‘what happened to Summer this year?’, we’ve gathered up a hamper of cracker-jack Sennheiser specials to pack some excitement in your bon bons. What’s the deal? Basically we’ve prepared a list of specials: we’re talking e900 series wired microphones, and a bunch of Evolution Wireless microphones (and in-ear monitoring systems). Pricing is very sharp, but if you’re… Read More »

December 1

k_and_m T-bar for tighteningSlight shock when our latest truckload of K&M stands rolled up yesterday: new packaging for a few of the models. Now, it’s not like we’re scared of a little change every now and then, more like we’re scared of a big change…for more explanation, including comparison of popular vocal mic stands, read the full post! Read More »