Monthly Archives: March 2011

March 22

Of course there’s a catch for this – but all you need to do is sign up to Factory Sound Footy Tipping $2011, and have a crack at Round 1. Best tipper for the round wins the mic. Simple. It’s free to enter, and there’s no harm in dipping your toe in the water to see if this is your thing or not. Don’t wait, first round starts on Thursday 24th March! Read More »

March 22

You probably already know that we’ve never liked doing things by halves here. So we’ve gone the whole hog on this deal, having just taken delivery of a serious stack of dbx rack gear. And just to make it smiles all round, we also have a few other bits and pieces by DBX that have been marked down to make life a little easier. We get it – these reliable and proven 19″ rack mountable signal processors are tools, not toys…. Read More »

March 16

New from Shure – additions to the deservedly popular Beta Series of high-performance stage microphones. In a nutshell, there’s one completely new addition, one seriously well-improved model, plus some tweaks to other models. Most of these mics, although totally useful for a huge variety of instruments, are aimed for the drums. So like 80% of soundchecks, lets start with some kick… Read More »

March 16

YES Factoryites, it’s that time of year again. With the $2011 AFL footy season just around the corner, it’s NOW time to register for Factory Sound Footy Tipping. Just like our $2007, $2008, $2009 and $2010 seasons, there is plenty more than just a $2011 Factory Sound voucher up for grabs… Read More »

March 11

Just in case you’re trying to get through on the telephone, email, or our front door this coming Monday here’s a heads-up: To help with our annual celebration of 8 hours work, 8 hours recreation and 8 hours of rest, we’ll be closed Monday 14th March for Labour Day… Read More »

March 9

We had such a big response to the RCF Art4 series extended warranty offer (10 years total). But the original deal was to finish March 1st 2011. Seems that there is no need to panic after all though. The offer has now been extended until the end of March 2011. Strictly. They sound great, the price is great, and this extended warranty is huge. On a side note, we feel a little like the shop who cried ‘WOLF!’ – you see it wasn’t long ago we were letting… Read More »

March 2

We’ve got a nice bunch of Rycote gear lobbing this week. You may already be familiar with the InVision series USM (Universal Shock Mount), but the series has been seriously ramped up of late. Not only is there now a complete kit for studio microphones – including an integrated PopFilter, but for those wanting to use a shotgun for some more serious point-and-shoot camera work, there is now a complete kit to suit just about any camera matched with any shotgun… Read More »