Monthly Archives: April 2011

April 29

It’s worth highlighting the excellent new Rode VideoMic Pro. Not only is it a giant leap forward for both budding and established videographers, but we’ve received a nice big stack – so there are specials to be had! Let’s just take a quick but close look. The VideoMic Pro is designed to ‘up the ante’ for sound, particularly relevant to the latest crop of HDSLR cameras which, although grab stunning images… Read More »

April 28

You’re possibly aware that we have a propensity to over-excite ourselves here at Factory Sound. If you have been following our blogs, emails or web-specials over the past couple of years, the admiration we have for Fostex PM series of active, nearfield studio monitors will have been obvious… Read More »

April 15

Our mixer room just keeps on filling up with excellent new releases. Here’s a bolter from our Cornish friends at Allen & Heath. Essentially it’s a recording console – a revival of their GS-series. They describe this one as “larger version of the ZED-R16 with similar routing philosophy, high quality pre-amps and EQ” – Actually what they’ve ended up making though is a whole lot more. Nice chunky… Read More »

April 12

wireless groupNavigating the wireless jungle – is this new information better or worse for us wireless users? If you’ve been keeping up with the information we’ve been gathering on the state of play for the future sell-off, you may be interested in the latest video interview we captured a week or so ago. Once again we’re lucky enough to be able to interview Jeff MacKenzie – TRG Manager at Jands, and Technical Advisor to AWAG (Australian Wireless Audio Group). In this latest installment, Jeff and Tone… Read More »

April 12

A couple of ripper mixers have hit our console room lately, and here’s the first: Soundcraft’s latest addition to the Si Digital series of mixing consoles. This Si Compact 24 is exactly as its name suggests – VERY compact, and 24 microphone (or line) inputs are located on the rear. Actually the rear connection panel is jam packed, so if you’re… Read More »

April 6

Anyone who has been keeping a bit of an eye on DPA over the past few years will have seen somewhat of a nip and tuck of their impressive product range. The real movers and shakers of the moment are the recently completed 4099 instrument mics, and the new MODULAR Reference Standard series of classy studio, broadcast and live microphones. We recently had a visit from Ken Kimura (DPA Microphones), and here’s the interview footage… Read More »

April 1

If you’re feeling like it would be handy to grab a FREE Sennheiser e904 mic this weekend, make sure you sign up to Factory Sound Footy Tipping $2011. The best tipper last week won a FREE Shure Beta91A kick mic, and we’re spreading the love further around the drumset this week! Just in case you need some more inspiration, we’ve prepared a short video* warning, barechested males holding hands halfway through, so look away if… Read More »