Monthly Archives: May 2011

May 31

Not quite sure what happened overnight. We were all excited about Pioneer DJM900Nexus, and then while nobody was paying close enough attention…..BOOM! – the Pioneer fairy snuck in and stacked us with a huge load of gear. We’ve been cranked with everything. AND the great news – not only have we got excellent fresh stock, we’ve also managed to scoop up a huge wad of ‘B-stock’ – going for ridiculous prices, and all items have full warranty. What’s that you say? Sounds like a sale? Stay tuned, we’ve got some big news coming shortly… Read More »

May 27

The Pioneer truck has backed up big time, and we’ve big stacked – with even more on the way! Aside from the regular favourites, we’ve received a big load of the new DJM900Nexus. How tough is this mixer? Just how good is the inbuilt X-Pad? Newly designed channel faders are wisely… Read More »

May 18

Audio Technica is somewhat the unsung hero of wireless microphone systems at Factory Sound, long proven to be not only relaible, but an excellent value-for-money alternative. So guess what has just snuck in the door? How about an updated (2nd generation) version of the ATW-2000 series – now called ATW-2000a. Sleek headset version (low profile, single ear), plus a nice new feature – recharge docking station, especially useful for… Read More »

May 4

Grab it while you can – this BBC show ‘The Sound of Sport’ is only on BBC’s archive player for a couple more days, and it’s very seriously well worth the listen. It features sports sound designer, Denis Baxter plus a bunch of techniques and stories from other broadcast sound designers. It’s a one-hour show, with so many highlights that it’s probably quicker just to listen to it – but here is a… Read More »

May 4

If you’ve been keeping up with the pro audio news from abroad, you’ll be totally across this already – Live X Loudspeaker system from Electrovoice. The good news is we’ve now got these ripper boxes in stock. The GREAT news is not only do they sound exactly as you’d expect for a speaker with EV’s heritage, but we’re doing some nice deals to make these PA speakers… Read More »