Monthly Archives: June 2011

June 28

For keen observers of internet pre-hype – you’ll already know that there has been plenty of it surrounding the pre-release of this console. But… all pre-hype must eventually come to an end. In this case the news is all good though: Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 is now in stock, and ready for action! Major differences between the new 16.0.2 and the original StudioLive 16.4.2 or the bigger StudioLive 24.4.2? The new 16.0.2 includes… Read More »

June 17

We’ve recently had a nice up-close-and-personal investigation, and there are some great features found in the Shure SE535 in-ear buds. Triple drivers, Kevlar reinforced detachable/replaceable cable, and sound isolation via a variety of supplied, snug-fitting ear buds. The triple driver design… Read More »

June 10

Who’s up for a big weekend of gigs? Maybe bunker down in the studio, or possibly a weekend away from it all. Whatever you’re up to this Queen’s Birthday weekend, we hope it’s great. So to signal the start of snow season – and for the Monarchists amongst us, Queen’s Birthday has arrived in Australia for 2011. For us, it means that we are open as usual on Saturday (10am – 4pm), closed as usual for Sunday, and also closed Monday 13th June for Queen’s Birthday public… Read More »

June 9

New from Neumann, the KH120A powered studio monitors are now ready @ Factory Sound for a listen. You read correctly – this is not a new studio mic, nor is it a new stage microphone, or even a wireless capsule to suit Sennheiser wireless systems. It is a powered studio monitor, and an already well-decorated one at that. The vital statistics are via Neumann website, but really the only way to get a feel… Read More »

June 8

This week is flying – sale week always does – and so are the specials. If you’ve been keeping up with our facebook page, you will have seen a few teasers go up the last couple of days. The good news for those needing a mixer..we’ve got stacks (literally) of consoles ready to go. A few Presonus StudioLive 16ch and 24ch, some tasty Allen & Heath ZedSeries, plus the mighty GL2400/24 – and a good variety of Soundcraft. The model pictured is Notepad124, which not only has 4 mic preamps, but also 4 stereo line channels. It’s seriously priced to clear at J… Read More »

June 6

With June Sale 2011 now offically on, here’s the first of many specials. Remember, we’re not adjusting our online prices, so the best way of keeping up with a whole bunch of one-off killer deals is to add Factory Sound to your facebook feed. Deal #1 – we have 1-only SSL X-Logic 4 channel Mic Preamps, AND we’re throwing in an 8 channel mic preamp controller for good measure. RRP of this now discontinued combo was a… Read More »

June 3

Just in time for our June Sale, guess what lobbed today – a uteload of the reborn Event 20/20BAS powered studio monitors. The boys have already plugged a set in, and first reports are very impressive! Some of us will remember back to the ‘good old days’ when Event first shook the tree hard and released 20/20BAS (it was back in 1995), and although Event has stayed true to many of the original ideals for the first 20/20BAS, this new version also borrows from the famous OPAL, released in 2008… Read More »

June 1

For one week only, it gets nuts here. The eyeball-popping kind of nuts that we only get to do for one week every year. And that week starts this Monday 6th June, 2011. We’re not adjusting our online pricing – because the prices are simply too low – it’s the only time of year that everyone gets to buy the best gear in town for cheaper than normal staff pricing. Here’s a quick tease list… Read More »