Monthly Archives: August 2011

August 24

We love deals, as you’ve probably worked out by now. Sometimes we get some tasty ones put together by our suppliers – the importers of all this fine gear, and sometimes the deals are dreamt up by the manufacturers themselves. Usually though, this means that console is exactly what you want, but the speakers aren’t quite what you’re looking for – or vice versa. BUT this time we’ve put… Read More »

August 19

It’s been quite the wait, but no more – MIDAS VeniceF Series is here! Without consulting the history books, it feels like about 10 years ago when MIDAS Venice first made the kind of splash you usually only get by doing a bomb off the top board at the local swimming pool. The mic preamps had gain for days, eq was super powerful, and the three frame sizes were enough for most small-mid applications that demanded high quality… Read More »