Monthly Archives: September 2011

September 19

Mondays – apparently they’re rather nerdy at Factory Sound. Rather than talking about our weekend of gigs and gatherings, we sat around (well…a select group of six of us), and mused over the ‘which is better – Rode NT2A or Rode K2′ question, with some interesting discussion points raised. The panel: Leigh, Tone, Oliver, Lukether, Darren (yes, he’s finally back full time) and Artie… Read More »

September 15

When was the last time you used a C414? For some it’s an every day thing, while others pull it out of the microphone cupboard when nothing else has worked – the good old dependable. Perhaps you’ve never used one. C414 has been in around in various forms since 1971, but we’ve never seen them this price – under the magical $1000… Read More »

September 12

For anyone who had been keeping an eye on over the past week, you’ll have noticed a little countdown going on. We’ve now arrived at the launch date, and the cone of silence has officially been lifted, as has the cloak of invisibility, and more importantly – the level of excitement! What’s it all about? Midas released two new consoles at the PLASA trade show in Earls Court, London over the weekend. The PRO2, and smaller (compact) PRO2C look set to make some serious waves in the… Read More »