Monthly Archives: December 2011

December 14

UDG has been around long enough to know how to make great bags for gear – back in 2000 they started making Ultimate DJ Gear, soft cases to protect your valuable gig tools. Of course, DJ has changed plenty since then with a laptop becoming almost essential, plus a load of controllers – and still the standard fare of decks, plus vinyl and CD. Our favourite case though, is a little one and NOT related strictly to DJs. In fact, we… Read More »

December 13

It’s that time of year where some of us get to plan a little getaway, while those of us in providing entertainment industry services seem to sleep less than ever – and loving it! Whether you’re staring down the barrel of a hard-earned six week break from teaching, or trying to find a blank space in the filofax to squeeze in the last minute (is there any other kind?) Christmas shopping, we hope your… Read More »

December 12

QSC Amplifiers have been up amongst the favourites at Factory Sound since ‘the mid 90s’ and still they keep coming up with the goods. The latest range – GX series – is designed for middle-of-the-road power requirements, delivering it nicely at an entry-level price. There are three models in the range, something for everyone requiring ‘a good amount’ of power for their speaker system. They’re all happy to run at… Read More »