Monthly Archives: January 2012

January 20

Seems our Cornish friends have been rather busy of late. Hot on the heels of the GLD Series announcement earlier this month, we’re also excited about the two new ZED series mixers. They beautifully fill the gap between the original ZED14 / ZED12FX, and the larger framed… Read More »

January 20

Looks like Australia is just about back to full speed after a very festive season. The roads are getting busy again…so it’s the perfect time to take a little break. Australia Day means different things to different people. For us, it means we’re closed Thursday January 26th, and we’ll be doing what we do every Australia Day! We are OPEN on Friday 27th Jan… Read More »

January 4

Ready to tick all the boxes? Allen & Heath has been working hard at this one for a while, we’re guessing. And possibly the name says it all – their much-loved analogue GL Series has kept A&H up the top of the tree for so long in live venues, and with mobile production companies, and now (thanks to plenty of innovation inherited from the iLive series) we’ve got a Digital soloution at an analogue price. GLD was only announced today, but since Allen & Heath has always delivered in spades, since back when all of us at Factory Sound were still… Read More »