Monthly Archives: March 2012

March 22

We all know that gaffer tape holds the world together. Where do you use gaff? Taping down leads on stage at gigs, a little bit on the snare and tom skins, fixing a microphone clip that has broken at precisely the wrong time. Some of us have used it to fix bits of our cars that have broken, temporary window repairs, even as a makeshift guitar strap if the wheels have really fallen off your… Read More »

March 14

The StudioLive story keeps getting better and better. When Universal Control 1.5.2 was released, it was like Christmas had come early. Not only did this release mean that all new StudioLive 16.4.2 console would have a separate 31-band graphic EQ on every aux, but it also meant that existing StudioLive 16.4.2 owners were able to grab a free download to add those SIX additional 31-band GEQ to their already hard-working consoles. Anyway, that’s old news… Read More »

March 14

With a sense of smell akin to a truffle pig, we’ve sniffed out a very tasty deal on these studio monitors. You know that nothing excites us more than a great deal – and this one is right up there. Fostex PM-1MkII studio monitors (RRP $899 for a pair), have come in for virtually a song. Since our $AUD is still pumping along and we like to buy in bulk, we’ve priced a new shipment of these for just $499. Not each – that’s $499 for a PAIR… Read More »

March 2

It’s that time of year again, where we invite all existing Factory Sound customers and suppliers to join us for a season of silliness. If you’ve been along for the ride before, you’ll know that we have a bit of fun along the way. So, with the $2012 AFL footy season looming ever closer, it’s NOW time to register for Factory Sound Footy Tipping. Just like our $2007 – $2011 seasons, we’ll be offering up a juicy… Read More »