Monthly Archives: September 2012

September 27

With the 2012 AFL Grand Final just around the corner, and our ‘local team’ Swans, formerly of South Melbourne, right in the mix, we thought it would be the perfect time to have a quick re-cap on the season that was for our $2012 Factory Sound Footy Tipping competition. With weekly prizes to… Read More »

September 12

Be warned, there are no screens or soft touch buttons, no menus – just hard working analogue consoles that will happily get the job done. For the thousands of Allen & Heath Zed Series mixers out there working long hours through countless different environments, there’s a bunch of happy owners who don’t need to worry about the heart and control of… Read More »

September 10

Visitors to Factory Sound over the past week would have seen quite a transformation at our front entrance. A massive stack of studio monitors has appeared, and although RCF is far from a foreign brand to us – we’ve always had their live PA speakers, never a collection of studio monitors. AYRA Series – what’s it all about? Currently three models available, all defined… Read More »

September 3

To those of us fielding all the questions of ‘when’, it feels like a long time since Behringer’s X32 digital mixer was announced – but wait no longer. On Friday we received our first shipment, and they’re just about all gone already (we’ve rush-ordered more which will be here this week). Just how good are these X32 consoles? As soon as we opened one up for shop demo, the ‘powered by Midas’ tagline was…. Read More »