Monthly Archives: December 2012

December 13

This December, we’re doing things a little differently to our usual form. Rather than a post-Boxing-Dale-sale, we’re unleashing the beast right now. And when we say unleash, it’s not a dodgey ‘all sizzle, no sausage’ kind of sale. We’re talking about a full-bottle 6 burner banger. Some of these products are end of line. Some products are ex-display or ex-demo (all with full warranty). We’ve included stock quantity numbers next… Read More »

December 13

‘Tis the season to be organised. With the gig calendar heating up, and studios often being the best place to avoid our Summer heat, it could be really easy to absorb totally in the music and forget that most of us still need to attend massive luncheons, dinners and end-of-year functions at this time of year. Oh, and then there’s the gift purchasing that often comes on last minute like a cold sweat. We’ve generally got your back when it comes to emergency “I need gaffer… Read More »

December 5

It’s officially on for young and old, although rumours of Santa visiting Factory Sound can be extinguished – we found a white stick-on beard and a smelly red hat on the back seat of Tone’s car this morning. Rather disappointing to all of us, as we really wanted to believe in the fairytale. What you’re not going to believe though is the pricing he’s just dished up on RCF… Read More »