Monthly Archives: May 2013

May 30

We’ve been waiting for something like this for a while now. It’s not a handheld recorder with built-in microphones, it’s not a big recorder to stick in a sound cart – like Goldilocks said – it’s just right for DSLR filmakers. Who will use it? This one is truly a no-brainer. For any filmaker who is struggling to grab the best sounds to go with their sweet images, DR-60D is perfect. We all know that recording straight to your DSLR camera normally sounds fairly shizenhousen, and despite the quality of your microphones (good, awesome or otherwise… Read More »

May 22

For a very limited time (until June 30th 2013), our friends at Allen & Heath have come up with a cracking special. With everything you need to take a digital console, remote preamps and even iPad for remote control on the road, this GLD80 Pack contains: 1 x GLD80 (the console), 1 x GLD80 case (for safe transport), 1 x GLD-AR2412 (24 inputs, 12 outputs for on-stage multicore.. Read More »

May 14

It’s a complicated process, getting your signal chain ‘just right’ to (a) suit the voice / instrument you’re recording, and (b) making sure it’ll sit exactly where it needs to when it’s time for mixdown. There’s a lot of variables in that chain – microphone, preamp, dynamics, AD conversion. Sure, choosing the money mic and then sticking it in exactly the right spot is going to go a long way towards grabbing the sound properly, but for us studio types, it’s usually fun to have a few knobs to twiddle while we’re at it… Read More »