Monthly Archives: June 2013

June 5

Factory Sound is proud to be hosting the Melbourne launch of Universal Audio Apollo 16, Tuesday 11th June 2013. At 6pm we kick off, with a special presentation from Universal Audio’s gun product demonstrator Yuichiro Nagai, who has taken the time to come out from USA to show us the ins, outs, and sheer power of Apollo 16. Yuichiro has been around Universal Audio for ages, and puts on a dead-set great demo. If you’ve already had a play with other Apollo products, here is an excellent opportunity to get an in depth.. Read More »

June 3

It’s the time of year when everyone’s a winner! For many schools and government departments, it’s time to spend any remaining budget – to ensure there’s some more allocated next year. For a myriad of PA owner / operators, it’s time to spend some $$ to keep the accountant happy. For us at Factory Sound, we’re trying to minimise our stock levels, because if there’s less to count at the EOFY, our accountant is happier. And if you don’t fit into any of the above categories… there’s a huge pile of bargains to take advantage of! So for LIVE SOUND, we’ve got RCF powered speakers starting at a ridiculous… Read More »