March 4

If you’ve been through our showroom lately, you will have noticed an impressive addition to our already massive offering of digital mixing systems.


What is VENUE S6L all about?

Put simply, AVID are pushing ‘all-in’ with VENUE S6L, and promoting it to be “the next stage in live sound”.

It’s a scale-able, modular, networked live production system that is already appearing on a number of wishlists for power users and touring shows.

We’ll dig a little deeper, further down the page, but just in case you’re looking for some backstory, here’s what AVID had to say in their original VENUE | S6L press release:

“In the ten years since we first introduced the VENUE live sound mixing system, Avid has continued to be on the forefront of live sound innovation, and now we are setting an even higher benchmark with VENUE |S6L,” said Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of Products and Technology, Avid. “With VENUE | S6L, Avid is poised to lead the market forward again with unprecedented processing power and innovative technologies that enable customers to take on the most challenging tours and events with ease.”

Plans for Avid VENUE S6L in Australia

Of course, a number of major players in the live sound scene around Australia have already jumped at the chance to grab VENUE S6L for their hire inventory.


While our staff were going through their VENUE S6L training, we got talking with David Sullivan (Channel Sales Manager, AVID), to find out why he was so excited to have a full VENUE S6L 32D-192 (S6L with 32-fader Control Surface, 4 screens, E6L-192 Engine, and Stage 64 Remote I/O) in stock and on display at Factory Sound:

“We chose Factory Sound to represent the Avid VENUE | S6L due to their outstanding reputation in the Pro Audio market in Melbourne.
The Factory Sound team is committed to outstanding customer service and Avid is proud to partner with them to promote the Avid VENUE range of live sound products.”

So now, lets have a closer look at a typical VENUE | S6L system configuration.

System inclusions and options:

VENUE | S6L control surface (3 options available)
- S6L-32D (32+2 faders, 4x 12.1″ touchscreen, 3x 32 knob modules)
- S6L-24D (24+2 faders, 3x 12.1″ touchscreen, 2x 32 knob modules)
- S6L-24 (24+2 faders, 1x 12.1″ touchscreen, 2x 32 knob modules)

VENUE | E6L engine (2 options available)
- E6L-192 (96 kHz, 192 input channels, 96+LCR mix busses, 24×24 matrix, 32 VCA)
- E6L-144 (96 kHz, 144 input channels, 64+LCR mix busses, 16×16 matrix, 24 VCA)

VENUE | Stage 64 I/O rack (64 input channels, 32 output channels @ 96 kHz)

VENUE software (preinstalled)
Pro Tools software
Plug-in bundle
Live Sound Production Toolkit
Dust cover
Cables, accessories, and guides
One year of Avid Advantage ExpertPlus support** with Hardware Coverage (includes 7×24 access, priority phone support, and advance hardware exchange)

You can see typical system configurations via our online catalogue, along with Recommended Retail Pricing (RRP)

As usual, talk with Factory Sound to:

- Discuss your needs and pick the right configuration for your applications
- Drill down to professional pricing

VENUE S6L-32D-192: 32-fader Control Surface (4 screens), E6L-192 Engine, and Stage 64 Remote I/O
VENUE S6L-32D-144: 32-fader Control Surface (4 screens), E6L-144 Engine, and Stage 64 Remote I/O
VENUE S6L-24D-192: 24-fader Control Surface (3 screens), E6L-192 Engine, and Stage 64 Remote I/O
VENUE S6L-24D-144: 24-fader Control Surface (3 screens), E6L-144 Engine, and Stage 64 Remote I/O
VENUE S6L-24-192: 24-fader Control Surface (1 screen), E6L-192 Engine, and Stage 64 Remote I/O
VENUE S6L-24-144: 24-fader Control Surface (1 screen), E6L-144 Engine, and Stage 64 Remote I/O


Venue S6L key features:

- Meet the most demanding live sound challenges with the industry’s most powerful processing engine
- Deliver the best sound quality possible with high-performance preamps running at high sample rates
- Experience unmatched sound processing and tactile control through fully integrated, on-board plug-ins from Avid and our development partners
- Get unprecedented Pro Tools capabilities, including Virtual Soundcheck, over Ethernet AVB and Thunderbolt* – no interface required
- Share I/O across multiple networked systems with advanced gain tracking (coming soon)
- Gain unmatched visual feedback and instant access to your most important functions through high-resolution touchscreens and OLED displays
- Freely configure the modular system components and I/O to meet the demands of any live production
- Interface with a range of network and I/O formats – including Ethernet AVB, Dante, MADI, Thunderbolt, and more* – for total connectivity freedom
- Enjoy the familiar VENUE workflows and interface you know and love, with show file compatibility

* Please note that option cards are available as separate purchases and not included with core systems
** After one year, renew your support plan for continued operational efficiency—and peace of mind

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