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March 7

In the analogue compact console world, there are two brands that seem to poke their heads further above the surface than any other. Allen & Heath with their Zed Series, and Soundcraft with the EPM/EFX series. Other notables are Behringer (Mr Consistency) and Mackie (The Comeback Kid). Interestingly, Mackie was probably the one who started the whole lot, with their incredible Made-in-the-U-S-of-A super consoles back in the day. The old VLZ… Read More »

September 3

To those of us fielding all the questions of ‘when’, it feels like a long time since Behringer’s X32 digital mixer was announced – but wait no longer. On Friday we received our first shipment, and they’re just about all gone already (we’ve rush-ordered more which will be here this week). Just how good are these X32 consoles? As soon as we opened one up for shop demo, the ‘powered by Midas’ tagline was…. Read More »

March 24

bulletproofOk, we like this one. Even if it wasn’t our idea, we hope that Uli Behringer was at least a little inspired by Factory Sound TV. In case you haven’t seen it yet, the video clip is a ripper ad for the new range of Behringer mixers, which are actually packed with even more features than the last Xenyx series. The killer new feature is One Knob Compression for each… Read More »

December 9

behringer klark midasRegular readers of this blog and viewers of Factory Sound TV will already know that our friend Uli Behringer is never one to sit back and relax for too long. So although this news may come as a surprise, it doesn’t really amaze us. Just in case you don’t already know, Behringer purchased both Midas and Klark Teknik yesterday. Rather than using his spare cash to buy a garage of slick cars (see what he drives in our video interview) and miniature horses, Uli has reinvested in his biggest passion, professional audio, by injecting some well-needed cash into the UK companies Klark & Midas. This means that two of our favourite brands… Read More »

June 24

2009. It’s the 20th Anniversary year for Behringer. Since we got on so well with Uli when he first came to Australia November last year, Tone and Artie were invited to go to China to help Uli and his team celebrate. A stop-off in Hong Kong was required for a beer and a bite first…
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As usual, the video camera came out. If you want to catch any of the ‘non factory tour’ – sightseeing with Factory Sound, it’s here (on YouTube).
But the real reason we headed over to Zhongshan was to visit Uli at home in Behringer City. It’s HQ for Behringer, with a large R&D team and plenty of manufacturing taking place there. Plenty is an understatement! With over 3,000 staff on site, Behringer City cranks out over 2,000,000 products per year. Let’s just take that in for a moment… Read More »

September 18

We’ve just realised that our original favourite Behringer product has turned 15. For anyone who doesn’t remember, the old MDX8000 (multi-band compression) was a terrific studio tool that is almost un-findable thesedays. It was deleted by Behringer sometime in the 1990′s…and there are never too many around for sale, but nontheless we remember you. Happy birthday Combinator! Here’s a few more pro audio milestones to consider. Read More »