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June 24

mixersIt’s the time of year where we have a quick wander around our showroom, point the magic massage stick at a few products that are (a) dusty; or (ii) overstocked, and hope that the stick can do the trick. Try as it may to massage the prices gently into a happy state, Tone has had enough of the massage stick, and has pulled out the tomahawk to seriously ‘go the hack’…. Read More »

April 8

art415-endof-lineAs is usual throughout the year, pro audio manufacturers like to tweak their range of offerings – sometimes to ‘refresh things’ while other times it can be the addition of an upgraded model or whole product line. Unfortunately this sometimes means that a favourite product gets deleted from manufacture. So let’s have a look at RCF ART415A MkII… Read More »

January 9

Look at what we found out the back – boxes of HOSA looms and a few multicores. We’ve taken a tomahawk to the price, leading us to the bad news – because this is clearance stock, once it’s gone… there’s no going back for seconds. Quite simply, these are either deleted from ‘normal stock’ by either us, the official HOSA importer for Australia, or by HOSA themselves. Check the list to see what’s what and see if you can snag yourself… Read More »

June 5

We couldn’t quite work out the best caption for this photo – (1) line up the specials; (2) dust off the bargains; (3) clean up with our June sale. Either way, it’s officially the time of year when our normally sharp prices get an even closer shave. We’ve taken a look at all the display items in our PA section, and they’re making way for fresh stock – so rather than wipe down the dust, we’re simply cutting the prices. So in ‘mixerland’ we’re doing great… Read More »

April 10

We sometimes get a little carried away when it comes to the range of GoPro cameras. They’re small and have a similarly small price tag. We see these little cameras as being absolute #1 for inexpensively recording a live gig with a very interesting stage POV, and a whopping big 170° FOV, full 1080p capability, PLUS they’re impervious to smoke machine gunk and flying stage beer swills… Read More »

August 24

We love deals, as you’ve probably worked out by now. Sometimes we get some tasty ones put together by our suppliers – the importers of all this fine gear, and sometimes the deals are dreamt up by the manufacturers themselves. Usually though, this means that console is exactly what you want, but the speakers aren’t quite what you’re looking for – or vice versa. BUT this time we’ve put… Read More »

June 8

This week is flying – sale week always does – and so are the specials. If you’ve been keeping up with our facebook page, you will have seen a few teasers go up the last couple of days. The good news for those needing a mixer..we’ve got stacks (literally) of consoles ready to go. A few Presonus StudioLive 16ch and 24ch, some tasty Allen & Heath ZedSeries, plus the mighty GL2400/24 – and a good variety of Soundcraft. The model pictured is Notepad124, which not only has 4 mic preamps, but also 4 stereo line channels. It’s seriously priced to clear at J… Read More »

June 6

With June Sale 2011 now offically on, here’s the first of many specials. Remember, we’re not adjusting our online prices, so the best way of keeping up with a whole bunch of one-off killer deals is to add Factory Sound to your facebook feed. Deal #1 – we have 1-only SSL X-Logic 4 channel Mic Preamps, AND we’re throwing in an 8 channel mic preamp controller for good measure. RRP of this now discontinued combo was a… Read More »

June 1

For one week only, it gets nuts here. The eyeball-popping kind of nuts that we only get to do for one week every year. And that week starts this Monday 6th June, 2011. We’re not adjusting our online pricing – because the prices are simply too low – it’s the only time of year that everyone gets to buy the best gear in town for cheaper than normal staff pricing. Here’s a quick tease list… Read More »

May 31

Not quite sure what happened overnight. We were all excited about Pioneer DJM900Nexus, and then while nobody was paying close enough attention…..BOOM! – the Pioneer fairy snuck in and stacked us with a huge load of gear. We’ve been cranked with everything. AND the great news – not only have we got excellent fresh stock, we’ve also managed to scoop up a huge wad of ‘B-stock’ – going for ridiculous prices, and all items have full warranty. What’s that you say? Sounds like a sale? Stay tuned, we’ve got some big news coming shortly… Read More »