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November 21

touchmix-onlocationThe mighty little TouchMix16 by QSC has certainly turned a few heads – initially at it’s release, and later when the demo mixers started rolling out around our wide brown land. What is all the fuss about? Here’s a closer look, including some handy user feedback… Read More »

February 28

factorysound-tv-rigThe trucks are unloaded, and the tour is over. We saw a stack of new gear in the flesh, and got to have a good chinwag with not only the local importers, but in some cases the international representative of the product. Part of the charm of CX Roadshow is that it’s not too big and overwhelming, plus we took a stack of video… Read More »

February 12

qu24Fresh from it’s release at the recent NAMM show, Allen & Heath’s brand new Qu24 is ready for a tour around Australia as part of the CX Roadshow 2014. Luckily for us, this star of the show will be accompanied by none other than Alex Schloesser, international Allen & Heath digital specialist – and he’s bringing the Qu24 into Factory Sound for an extended… Read More »

September 3

To those of us fielding all the questions of ‘when’, it feels like a long time since Behringer’s X32 digital mixer was announced – but wait no longer. On Friday we received our first shipment, and they’re just about all gone already (we’ve rush-ordered more which will be here this week). Just how good are these X32 consoles? As soon as we opened one up for shop demo, the ‘powered by Midas’ tagline was…. Read More »

March 14

The StudioLive story keeps getting better and better. When Universal Control 1.5.2 was released, it was like Christmas had come early. Not only did this release mean that all new StudioLive 16.4.2 console would have a separate 31-band graphic EQ on every aux, but it also meant that existing StudioLive 16.4.2 owners were able to grab a free download to add those SIX additional 31-band GEQ to their already hard-working consoles. Anyway, that’s old news… Read More »