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October 28

pioneer-plx1000-prizeIf you listen to Melbourne radio, chances are that you’ll have the dial fixed on one of our superb community broadcast stations – 102.7 aka Triple R. Having done a little bit of traveling ourselves, every time we land back in Melbourne, we’re astounded at just how good we’ve got it with such high class… Read More »

December 14

UDG has been around long enough to know how to make great bags for gear – back in 2000 they started making Ultimate DJ Gear, soft cases to protect your valuable gig tools. Of course, DJ has changed plenty since then with a laptop becoming almost essential, plus a load of controllers – and still the standard fare of decks, plus vinyl and CD. Our favourite case though, is a little one and NOT related strictly to DJs. In fact, we… Read More »

May 31

Not quite sure what happened overnight. We were all excited about Pioneer DJM900Nexus, and then while nobody was paying close enough attention…..BOOM! – the Pioneer fairy snuck in and stacked us with a huge load of gear. We’ve been cranked with everything. AND the great news – not only have we got excellent fresh stock, we’ve also managed to scoop up a huge wad of ‘B-stock’ – going for ridiculous prices, and all items have full warranty. What’s that you say? Sounds like a sale? Stay tuned, we’ve got some big news coming shortly… Read More »

May 27

The Pioneer truck has backed up big time, and we’ve big stacked – with even more on the way! Aside from the regular favourites, we’ve received a big load of the new DJM900Nexus. How tough is this mixer? Just how good is the inbuilt X-Pad? Newly designed channel faders are wisely… Read More »

December 22

PA speakers RCF and QSCOur last few posts have been ‘new this’ and ‘new that’ – all for the studio world. But the sun is finally shining on our festival and gig-a-rama season, so here’s a few nice new releases to get it going on. If you’re simply after a high performing powered PA speaker option, the newly arrived RCF ART4, series is both lightweight and powerful. Should you have more a powerful wooden box inclination, the new KW Series from QSC could be just the ticket. They’ve… Read More »

December 23

pro dex 400 limited edition $200 cashback offerTwo cracking specials from Pioneer.DIGITALFORCE7000 pack has RRP of $4999, so our ‘go’ price makes about as much sense as a Chewbacca Defense, but that’s how we roll this time of year. Secondly the limited edition PRODEX400BB (BluBack) is stacked up higher than the limited edition lets on… Read More »