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July 17

4099t-randy-breckerCapable of sweet smokey tones, yet more often than not, trumpet players are known to find the perfect moment in a gig to reach for the nitrous button and ‘go for broke’ on a single run of majestic mayhem. Let’s fix that little problem by introducing DPA d:vote 4099 series clip-on instrument microphones… Read More »

March 18

From now until the end of March, we’ll be highlighting our favourite microphones as part of March Mic Madness. First up, the old faithfuls – referred to as the Industry Standard. Who’s in the club, how did they get there, and who is next in line to join the club? Back when we first opened Factory Sound, there was a handful of microphones that stood head and shoulders above the rest and were relied upon as the ‘go-to’ microphones. For live situations… Read More »

April 6

Anyone who has been keeping a bit of an eye on DPA over the past few years will have seen somewhat of a nip and tuck of their impressive product range. The real movers and shakers of the moment are the recently completed 4099 instrument mics, and the new MODULAR Reference Standard series of classy studio, broadcast and live microphones. We recently had a visit from Ken Kimura (DPA Microphones), and here’s the interview footage… Read More »

March 29

Tone with FSTV microphoneEpisode 3 from our 2010 season of Factory Sound TV, and the theme of interviews continues. This time it’s with Ken Kimura from DPA microphones. He gives us the lowdown on some of the newer microphones coming out of the Danish company that is so well respected for their natural sounding microphones – and he gives us the scoop on what is just about to come out. Plus there’s a bit of interesting info about the Space Shuttle… Read More »