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June 24

2009. It’s the 20th Anniversary year for Behringer. Since we got on so well with Uli when he first came to Australia November last year, Tone and Artie were invited to go to China to help Uli and his team celebrate. A stop-off in Hong Kong was required for a beer and a bite first…
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As usual, the video camera came out. If you want to catch any of the ‘non factory tour’ – sightseeing with Factory Sound, it’s here (on YouTube).
But the real reason we headed over to Zhongshan was to visit Uli at home in Behringer City. It’s HQ for Behringer, with a large R&D team and plenty of manufacturing taking place there. Plenty is an understatement! With over 3,000 staff on site, Behringer City cranks out over 2,000,000 products per year. Let’s just take that in for a moment… Read More »