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March 14

With a sense of smell akin to a truffle pig, we’ve sniffed out a very tasty deal on these studio monitors. You know that nothing excites us more than a great deal – and this one is right up there. Fostex PM-1MkII studio monitors (RRP $899 for a pair), have come in for virtually a song. Since our $AUD is still pumping along and we like to buy in bulk, we’ve priced a new shipment of these for just $499. Not each – that’s $499 for a PAIR… Read More »

April 28

You’re possibly aware that we have a propensity to over-excite ourselves here at Factory Sound. If you have been following our blogs, emails or web-specials over the past couple of years, the admiration we have for Fostex PM series of active, nearfield studio monitors will have been obvious… Read More »

December 14

dean with fostex t20What about this for a serious deal – our old favourite studio headphones Fostex T20RP-MkII, just in time for the holiday season. Forget that they have a Recommended Retail Price of $229 in Australia, we’ve got a strong dollar and all the news outlets are suggesting the time to purchase overseas is now. Well forget that, as we’ve always promised at Factory Sound, we’re sticking our prices in a place they love: below the cost that ‘normal’ shops are paying… Read More »

April 23

fostex pm05 stackIn some kind of crazy win-win situation, we’ve taken full advantage of some juicily low pricing on the range of Fostex powered studio monitors. In particular, the PM05Mk2 nearfield monitor has taken our fancy. It is now just about the best value powered nearfield studio monitor around town, but our stack is sure to disappear quicker than a six-pack at a long weekend barbecue… Read More »