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March 7

comply-thumbWith so many in-ear monitoring options out there thesedays, we’re often asked for tips and tweaks to improve performance. Of course, the best results are going to come when you go and get molds made for your own ears. When it’s the experimental stage at the beginning of your in-ear relationship though, there’s a great way to improve your performance… Read More »

June 19

What’s not to love about Radial’s Studio Monitor Conrol – MC3. For those who are new to Radial, their JDI (passive) and J48 (active) direct boxes are becoming somewhat staples of tour riders of late, and thanks to some tasty prices, are also finding their way into a bunch of solo / small band gigs all over town. But this piece is all about the MC3, and what a piece of… Read More »

December 14

UDG has been around long enough to know how to make great bags for gear – back in 2000 they started making Ultimate DJ Gear, soft cases to protect your valuable gig tools. Of course, DJ has changed plenty since then with a laptop becoming almost essential, plus a load of controllers – and still the standard fare of decks, plus vinyl and CD. Our favourite case though, is a little one and NOT related strictly to DJs. In fact, we… Read More »

December 14

dean with fostex t20What about this for a serious deal – our old favourite studio headphones Fostex T20RP-MkII, just in time for the holiday season. Forget that they have a Recommended Retail Price of $229 in Australia, we’ve got a strong dollar and all the news outlets are suggesting the time to purchase overseas is now. Well forget that, as we’ve always promised at Factory Sound, we’re sticking our prices in a place they love: below the cost that ‘normal’ shops are paying… Read More »

April 9

tone spilling coffee with hd380proSeems like the giveaways don’t stop? Straight up! We’ve got 22 weeks worth of these prizes (that’s 20 weeks left). The important thing is you don’t need to know a thing about AFL footy to win – we asked last week’s winner (codenamed: ericx), who scored a free PreSonus FireStudio Mobile (RRP $529), how he managed to tip better than the rest of the comp. The answer: “I know nothing about AFL, it was a fluke”. Perfect. And a great reason to get on board if you’ve not yet done so. This week’s prize is a pair of Sennheiser HD380PRO monitoring headphones. You may remember them from such videos as “Sennheiser Stakeout”… Read More »