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May 8

hosa-wall-01Biggest range of accessory cables and adaptors on the planet? Hosa probably holds the record, and since we’re the biggest stockist of Hosa in Australia, we’re sticking our hand up to say “If you’re having an interconnect crisis…we’ll get you sorted. Stat!” You’ll find all kinds of cables on our ‘great wall of hosa’, but that’s just the start of our… Read More »

January 9

Look at what we found out the back – boxes of HOSA looms and a few multicores. We’ve taken a tomahawk to the price, leading us to the bad news – because this is clearance stock, once it’s gone… there’s no going back for seconds. Quite simply, these are either deleted from ‘normal stock’ by either us, the official HOSA importer for Australia, or by HOSA themselves. Check the list to see what’s what and see if you can snag yourself… Read More »

April 27

Great wall of hosa IIWe’ve already proclaimed our love of Hosa, but things got even better around here recently. A recent price drop means that we could buy even more stock, and so now if you type HOSA into our search bar you’ll see some nice little additions. Like BNC58101, which is a… Read More »