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March 29

Tone with FSTV microphoneEpisode 3 from our 2010 season of Factory Sound TV, and the theme of interviews continues. This time it’s with Ken Kimura from DPA microphones. He gives us the lowdown on some of the newer microphones coming out of the Danish company that is so well respected for their natural sounding microphones – and he gives us the scoop on what is just about to come out. Plus there’s a bit of interesting info about the Space Shuttle… Read More »

October 5

We’re lucky at Factory Sound. Not only do we get to play with the best gear around, but we also get to meet the makers of much of this equipment. Sept 24th was another one of those golden moments for us. Read More »

Jim Odom was in town, and he dropped in for a beer and a chat. Lucky for us the camera was rolling, and we managed to get 3 episodes for Factory Sound TV. Jim’s got a very laid-back manner, but he’s ‘right on it’ which becomes evident the more he talks. Not only is Jim the founder and president of Presonus, but he also still rolls the sleeves up and designs much of this great gear. Read More »