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March 7

comply-thumbWith so many in-ear monitoring options out there thesedays, we’re often asked for tips and tweaks to improve performance. Of course, the best results are going to come when you go and get molds made for your own ears. When it’s the experimental stage at the beginning of your in-ear relationship though, there’s a great way to improve your performance… Read More »

July 17

4099t-randy-breckerCapable of sweet smokey tones, yet more often than not, trumpet players are known to find the perfect moment in a gig to reach for the nitrous button and ‘go for broke’ on a single run of majestic mayhem. Let’s fix that little problem by introducing DPA d:vote 4099 series clip-on instrument microphones… Read More »

March 7

sennheiser-e906-boxMore cab savvy than a tour of the Barossa, Sennheiser e906 is the specialist guitar amplifier microphone that simply works, with stunning results. There’s a lot of love floating around for this microphone. It’s perfect for stage use, being dynamic and supercardioid, and is built tougher than a brick dunny. It’s really up to you how you use it, but here’s… Read More »

April 11

In the last three months of 2012, DBX ran a promo for their premium dealers in Australia, where some extra special pricing was offered. It proved to be very popular. In fact it was so popular, that Factory Sound has been able to crank it up again – except this time it’s our exclusive deal until the end of June 2013. We’re pretty excited, and thought we’d delve a little deeper this time into just why we… Read More »

December 5

It’s officially on for young and old, although rumours of Santa visiting Factory Sound can be extinguished – we found a white stick-on beard and a smelly red hat on the back seat of Tone’s car this morning. Rather disappointing to all of us, as we really wanted to believe in the fairytale. What you’re not going to believe though is the pricing he’s just dished up on RCF… Read More »