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July 17

4099t-randy-breckerCapable of sweet smokey tones, yet more often than not, trumpet players are known to find the perfect moment in a gig to reach for the nitrous button and ‘go for broke’ on a single run of majestic mayhem. Let’s fix that little problem by introducing DPA d:vote 4099 series clip-on instrument microphones… Read More »

March 6

akg-d112Often referred to as ‘The Egg’, for obvious reasons, AKG D112 has been around for ages. A couple of decades ago it was just about the easiest mic to grab and get a great kick sound from. Thesedays, it seems like there are about 400 different kick drums microphones available, so D112 doesn’t scream out as loud for attention – but it is nevertheless still a great mic for your bass drum sounds. Goo goo g’joob… Read More »

March 5

sm58-packaging You’ve seen a great price on Shure SM58 online, and you’re wondering if the price really is too good to be true? Let’s cut straight to some facts that we’ve collected over the past couple of decades. All genuine Shure SM58 microphones are made in Mexico. If the one you’re looking at (or have mistakenly purchased) says ‘Made in USA’ then it’s a fake. However, if it’s a Shure SM58S (with a switch), then ‘Made in Mexico’ is also means it’s a fake – all SM… Read More »

March 18

From now until the end of March, we’ll be highlighting our favourite microphones as part of March Mic Madness. First up, the old faithfuls – referred to as the Industry Standard. Who’s in the club, how did they get there, and who is next in line to join the club? Back when we first opened Factory Sound, there was a handful of microphones that stood head and shoulders above the rest and were relied upon as the ‘go-to’ microphones. For live situations… Read More »

September 19

Mondays – apparently they’re rather nerdy at Factory Sound. Rather than talking about our weekend of gigs and gatherings, we sat around (well…a select group of six of us), and mused over the ‘which is better – Rode NT2A or Rode K2′ question, with some interesting discussion points raised. The panel: Leigh, Tone, Oliver, Lukether, Darren (yes, he’s finally back full time) and Artie… Read More »

September 15

When was the last time you used a C414? For some it’s an every day thing, while others pull it out of the microphone cupboard when nothing else has worked – the good old dependable. Perhaps you’ve never used one. C414 has been in around in various forms since 1971, but we’ve never seen them this price – under the magical $1000… Read More »

August 24

We love deals, as you’ve probably worked out by now. Sometimes we get some tasty ones put together by our suppliers – the importers of all this fine gear, and sometimes the deals are dreamt up by the manufacturers themselves. Usually though, this means that console is exactly what you want, but the speakers aren’t quite what you’re looking for – or vice versa. BUT this time we’ve put… Read More »