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March 7

comply-thumbWith so many in-ear monitoring options out there thesedays, we’re often asked for tips and tweaks to improve performance. Of course, the best results are going to come when you go and get molds made for your own ears. When it’s the experimental stage at the beginning of your in-ear relationship though, there’s a great way to improve your performance… Read More »

November 7

ayra5-stackIt’s been a little over a year since we first grabbed a stack of RCF Ayra Series active studio monitors, and they’ve been going great guns ever since. Our thoughts? If it’s the awesome combination of classic 70′s look and modern style you’re actually looking for, grow a moustache. If it’s an incredibly well-priced nearfield studio monitor you’re searching for, look no further than… Read More »

September 10

Visitors to Factory Sound over the past week would have seen quite a transformation at our front entrance. A massive stack of studio monitors has appeared, and although RCF is far from a foreign brand to us – we’ve always had their live PA speakers, never a collection of studio monitors. AYRA Series – what’s it all about? Currently three models available, all defined… Read More »

June 19

What’s not to love about Radial’s Studio Monitor Conrol – MC3. For those who are new to Radial, their JDI (passive) and J48 (active) direct boxes are becoming somewhat staples of tour riders of late, and thanks to some tasty prices, are also finding their way into a bunch of solo / small band gigs all over town. But this piece is all about the MC3, and what a piece of… Read More »

June 9

New from Neumann, the KH120A powered studio monitors are now ready @ Factory Sound for a listen. You read correctly – this is not a new studio mic, nor is it a new stage microphone, or even a wireless capsule to suit Sennheiser wireless systems. It is a powered studio monitor, and an already well-decorated one at that. The vital statistics are via Neumann website, but really the only way to get a feel… Read More »