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June 4

ev-etx-grilleIt feels like an eon since we first got to have a touch-and-feel session with the high-spec, high-powered ETX Series by EV. Indeed it was, back at the CX Roadshow 2014 in February. Finally, stock has arrived – and in LARGE quantities too. Let’s rip in and discover just… Read More »

September 3

To those of us fielding all the questions of ‘when’, it feels like a long time since Behringer’s X32 digital mixer was announced – but wait no longer. On Friday we received our first shipment, and they’re just about all gone already (we’ve rush-ordered more which will be here this week). Just how good are these X32 consoles? As soon as we opened one up for shop demo, the ‘powered by Midas’ tagline was…. Read More »

February 1

Since RME first released the Fireface 800 (would you believe 9 years ago and still going strong!), things have gone from strength to strength with this marvellous series. More recently, we’ve seen the exciting release of Fireface UFX, packing the supercharged Totalmix FX… and now (insert timani roll) the most recent member of the Fireface family: Fireface UCX. Compact, clever, and with a handy remote control – no doubt inspired by the popularity of the little… Read More »

January 20

Seems our Cornish friends have been rather busy of late. Hot on the heels of the GLD Series announcement earlier this month, we’re also excited about the two new ZED series mixers. They beautifully fill the gap between the original ZED14 / ZED12FX, and the larger framed… Read More »

January 4

Ready to tick all the boxes? Allen & Heath has been working hard at this one for a while, we’re guessing. And possibly the name says it all – their much-loved analogue GL Series has kept A&H up the top of the tree for so long in live venues, and with mobile production companies, and now (thanks to plenty of innovation inherited from the iLive series) we’ve got a Digital soloution at an analogue price. GLD was only announced today, but since Allen & Heath has always delivered in spades, since back when all of us at Factory Sound were still… Read More »

December 12

QSC Amplifiers have been up amongst the favourites at Factory Sound since ‘the mid 90s’ and still they keep coming up with the goods. The latest range – GX series – is designed for middle-of-the-road power requirements, delivering it nicely at an entry-level price. There are three models in the range, something for everyone requiring ‘a good amount’ of power for their speaker system. They’re all happy to run at… Read More »

September 12

For anyone who had been keeping an eye on over the past week, you’ll have noticed a little countdown going on. We’ve now arrived at the launch date, and the cone of silence has officially been lifted, as has the cloak of invisibility, and more importantly – the level of excitement! What’s it all about? Midas released two new consoles at the PLASA trade show in Earls Court, London over the weekend. The PRO2, and smaller (compact) PRO2C look set to make some serious waves in the… Read More »

August 19

It’s been quite the wait, but no more – MIDAS VeniceF Series is here! Without consulting the history books, it feels like about 10 years ago when MIDAS Venice first made the kind of splash you usually only get by doing a bomb off the top board at the local swimming pool. The mic preamps had gain for days, eq was super powerful, and the three frame sizes were enough for most small-mid applications that demanded high quality… Read More »