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May 31

Not quite sure what happened overnight. We were all excited about Pioneer DJM900Nexus, and then while nobody was paying close enough attention…..BOOM! – the Pioneer fairy snuck in and stacked us with a huge load of gear. We’ve been cranked with everything. AND the great news – not only have we got excellent fresh stock, we’ve also managed to scoop up a huge wad of ‘B-stock’ – going for ridiculous prices, and all items have full warranty. What’s that you say? Sounds like a sale? Stay tuned, we’ve got some big news coming shortly… Read More »

May 27

The Pioneer truck has backed up big time, and we’ve big stacked – with even more on the way! Aside from the regular favourites, we’ve received a big load of the new DJM900Nexus. How tough is this mixer? Just how good is the inbuilt X-Pad? Newly designed channel faders are wisely… Read More »

December 23

sand bags may have stopped the floodWe know it’s been coming for a while. The annual end-of-year stock annihilation. This one is extra special though, because we’ve just received our items that had an extra-special wash. So item that left our building as ‘waterdamaged’ and has returned from the technical recovery company is good to go. Some of these items will be discounted up to 70% off their original Recommended Retail Price. But it’s not just the great flood survivors that are getting the end of year treatment… Read More »

December 23

pro dex 400 limited edition $200 cashback offerTwo cracking specials from Pioneer.DIGITALFORCE7000 pack has RRP of $4999, so our ‘go’ price makes about as much sense as a Chewbacca Defense, but that’s how we roll this time of year. Secondly the limited edition PRODEX400BB (BluBack) is stacked up higher than the limited edition lets on… Read More »

September 9
Pioneer CDJ 2000

Pioneer CDJ 2000 Read More »

Get the latest on Pioneer’s exciting forthcoming release. We’ll let you know when we’ve got pricing, stock and we’ll make sure you get looked after. Read More »

In true ‘Gabbo is Coming’ fashion, Pioneer is keeping this one under wraps. The NEW release is nearly here though. Worldwide release is set for Sept 18th, 2009 – Australian release and stock will be shortly after. Read More »

Have you seen the clips? Do you have any ideas on exactly what it’s going to be? Check them out … and stay tuned for more info. Read More »