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June 19

What’s not to love about Radial’s Studio Monitor Conrol – MC3. For those who are new to Radial, their JDI (passive) and J48 (active) direct boxes are becoming somewhat staples of tour riders of late, and thanks to some tasty prices, are also finding their way into a bunch of solo / small band gigs all over town. But this piece is all about the MC3, and what a piece of… Read More »

May 3

Radial DI promo shotThe ins and outs of a great quality DI. Simple for some to grasp, but baffling for others. What makes for great quality direct injection? What’s the difference between an active or a passive DI? Which DI is best for acoustic guitar or for bass. What about if it’s an active bass? Why do I need a DI? If you’ve ever pondered these questions, then have a look at these videos from Peter Janis of Radial Engineering. He’s got it going on… Read More »