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May 23

rcf-speakers-bestRCF is a brand that has certainly come a long way in Australia. Known once mainly for their precision components – 18” woofers and high powered compression drivers, RCF also used to make, would you believe, high spec CRT cinema projectors! All that changed in 1996 with the release of the first generation of RCF powered speaker box: ART300A (along with a few other members of the first ART family). It’s no surprise that, approaching 20 years on, some of these original models are still in active service, gigging weekly around… Read More »

April 8

art415-endof-lineAs is usual throughout the year, pro audio manufacturers like to tweak their range of offerings – sometimes to ‘refresh things’ while other times it can be the addition of an upgraded model or whole product line. Unfortunately this sometimes means that a favourite product gets deleted from manufacture. So let’s have a look at RCF ART415A MkII… Read More »

November 7

ayra5-stackIt’s been a little over a year since we first grabbed a stack of RCF Ayra Series active studio monitors, and they’ve been going great guns ever since. Our thoughts? If it’s the awesome combination of classic 70′s look and modern style you’re actually looking for, grow a moustache. If it’s an incredibly well-priced nearfield studio monitor you’re searching for, look no further than… Read More »

December 5

It’s officially on for young and old, although rumours of Santa visiting Factory Sound can be extinguished – we found a white stick-on beard and a smelly red hat on the back seat of Tone’s car this morning. Rather disappointing to all of us, as we really wanted to believe in the fairytale. What you’re not going to believe though is the pricing he’s just dished up on RCF… Read More »

September 10

Visitors to Factory Sound over the past week would have seen quite a transformation at our front entrance. A massive stack of studio monitors has appeared, and although RCF is far from a foreign brand to us – we’ve always had their live PA speakers, never a collection of studio monitors. AYRA Series – what’s it all about? Currently three models available, all defined… Read More »

February 3

RCF Art4 - 10yr warrantySome great news if you’re ready to pounce on the new RCF Art4 series powered PA speakers (and the vibe is just as good if you’ve already been hooked up). You probably know the RCF already slaps a juicy 3 year warranty on their Art Series, but the Australian distrubutor of RCF has kicked in with another 7 years on Art4 series… Read More »

December 22

PA speakers RCF and QSCOur last few posts have been ‘new this’ and ‘new that’ – all for the studio world. But the sun is finally shining on our festival and gig-a-rama season, so here’s a few nice new releases to get it going on. If you’re simply after a high performing powered PA speaker option, the newly arrived RCF ART4, series is both lightweight and powerful. Should you have more a powerful wooden box inclination, the new KW Series from QSC could be just the ticket. They’ve… Read More »

December 23

sand bags may have stopped the floodWe know it’s been coming for a while. The annual end-of-year stock annihilation. This one is extra special though, because we’ve just received our items that had an extra-special wash. So item that left our building as ‘waterdamaged’ and has returned from the technical recovery company is good to go. Some of these items will be discounted up to 70% off their original Recommended Retail Price. But it’s not just the great flood survivors that are getting the end of year treatment… Read More »

December 9

behringer klark midasRegular readers of this blog and viewers of Factory Sound TV will already know that our friend Uli Behringer is never one to sit back and relax for too long. So although this news may come as a surprise, it doesn’t really amaze us. Just in case you don’t already know, Behringer purchased both Midas and Klark Teknik yesterday. Rather than using his spare cash to buy a garage of slick cars (see what he drives in our video interview) and miniature horses, Uli has reinvested in his biggest passion, professional audio, by injecting some well-needed cash into the UK companies Klark & Midas. This means that two of our favourite brands… Read More »