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February 1

Since RME first released the Fireface 800 (would you believe 9 years ago and still going strong!), things have gone from strength to strength with this marvellous series. More recently, we’ve seen the exciting release of Fireface UFX, packing the supercharged Totalmix FX… and now (insert timani roll) the most recent member of the Fireface family: Fireface UCX. Compact, clever, and with a handy remote control – no doubt inspired by the popularity of the little… Read More »

November 3

rme_babyfaceIt’s been a long time coming, but we think RME Babyface is just about to hit us. A nice little message in our inbox this morning said: “The long awaited RME Babyface has arrived in Australia and we have started shipping out your backorders today”. All of RME’s well documented (and somewhat revered) A/D conversion goodness… Read More »