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March 18

From now until the end of March, we’ll be highlighting our favourite microphones as part of March Mic Madness. First up, the old faithfuls – referred to as the Industry Standard. Who’s in the club, how did they get there, and who is next in line to join the club? Back when we first opened Factory Sound, there was a handful of microphones that stood head and shoulders above the rest and were relied upon as the ‘go-to’ microphones. For live situations… Read More »

June 15

Enter now and you could be on your way to Record Plant in Hollywood to record with all-star producer Alain Johannes (Chris Cornell, Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Them Crooked Vultures)! We think we’ve cracked the code on how to win this killer prize. We’ve been thinking it’s dead set simple to win this prize, and apart from using Rode microphones and having a cracker song, there’s one little trick that could be… Read More »

September 19

Mondays – apparently they’re rather nerdy at Factory Sound. Rather than talking about our weekend of gigs and gatherings, we sat around (well…a select group of six of us), and mused over the ‘which is better – Rode NT2A or Rode K2′ question, with some interesting discussion points raised. The panel: Leigh, Tone, Oliver, Lukether, Darren (yes, he’s finally back full time) and Artie… Read More »

April 29

It’s worth highlighting the excellent new Rode VideoMic Pro. Not only is it a giant leap forward for both budding and established videographers, but we’ve received a nice big stack – so there are specials to be had! Let’s just take a quick but close look. The VideoMic Pro is designed to ‘up the ante’ for sound, particularly relevant to the latest crop of HDSLR cameras which, although grab stunning images… Read More »

August 4

factorysound vicoustic_rodeThe very clever people at Rode have been at it again. For the month of August, you can clean up with the purchase of just about any of their large diaphragm studio mics, then give your details to Rode and for JUST $1, they’ll send you a Vicoustic FlexiScreenLite. This is a dead-set ripper deal, so if you’ve recently been musing… Read More »

March 11

factory sound footy tippingYes Factoryites – our now famous Factory Sound Footy Tipping competition is on again. It’s the question we’ve heard more than any others lately: Not “How much are 58′s going for?”, not “What happened to the Tower of Gaffer”, not “When is the rain going to stop”, but “When is Footy Tipping starting”. The answer is: RIGHT NOW! Get on board… Read More »