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September 10

dbx_driverackdbx_driverackWe’ve bought up DriveRackPA+ in bulk, one of our favourite signal processors by DBX. Just in case you’re not across what a great system drive and dynamics processor this is, how does this sound? Stereo processing power with a linkable 28-Band Graphic equaliser, dbx® stereo compressor module, feedback eliminator and 120A Subharmonic Synthesiser on the input.
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April 11

In the last three months of 2012, DBX ran a promo for their premium dealers in Australia, where some extra special pricing was offered. It proved to be very popular. In fact it was so popular, that Factory Sound has been able to crank it up again – except this time it’s our exclusive deal until the end of June 2013. We’re pretty excited, and thought we’d delve a little deeper this time into just why we… Read More »

October 2

You know how long we’ve been loving DBX, and happily for us the love-in has just gotten even better. Aside from a recent price drop, the deal has just become a little sweeter for us – as part of the dbx Just Sounds Better promotion. And by now you should know the deal with Factory Sound – whenever we get a better price, we pass it straight through to you. So you’ll have more of your hard earned to spend on extra microphones, leads… Read More »

March 22

You probably already know that we’ve never liked doing things by halves here. So we’ve gone the whole hog on this deal, having just taken delivery of a serious stack of dbx rack gear. And just to make it smiles all round, we also have a few other bits and pieces by DBX that have been marked down to make life a little easier. We get it – these reliable and proven 19″ rack mountable signal processors are tools, not toys…. Read More »

February 10

goldenage comp 54It’s been a bit of wait – considering it was supposed to be shipping 6-months-or-so ago, but finally it’s here! Having had a good flog of the PRE-73 in our own home studios, we were not at all surprised with how popular they have been over the past year. Which is why we’re so excited that the COMP-54 has finally arrived. The quick blurb: it’s based around the original vibe and circuit of the classic Neve 2254… Read More »

November 4

Voicelive-Touch_frontThere are lots of reasons to get excited about the soon-to-arrive VoiceLive Touch by TC-Helicon. We just got word that they’re finally in transit to Australia, and the importer will start shipping to us sometime next week. But what’s all the hype actually about? First of all, TC-Helicon has a rich and lengthy heritage in coming up with vocal effects that sound supreme. But this new Voice Live Touch takes it up another notch, by adding three things: (i) a very intuitive and powerful looping section; (ii) a touch screen for easy access to all functions; and (iii) a handy stand mounting system to get it up when you need full access… Read More »

May 3

Radial DI promo shotThe ins and outs of a great quality DI. Simple for some to grasp, but baffling for others. What makes for great quality direct injection? What’s the difference between an active or a passive DI? Which DI is best for acoustic guitar or for bass. What about if it’s an active bass? Why do I need a DI? If you’ve ever pondered these questions, then have a look at these videos from Peter Janis of Radial Engineering. He’s got it going on… Read More »