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November 26

lx7ii-fadersWe’ve been busy recently, busy crunching deals on great gear! The latest of our scoop purchases is on the re-vamped range of Soundcraft LX7ii mixing consoles. We’ve got a big pile of 16 and 24 Channel versions in stock, and they’re at fantastic pricing. It’s a well-featured desk with a long standing heritage. Although the undeniable… Read More »

March 7

In the analogue compact console world, there are two brands that seem to poke their heads further above the surface than any other. Allen & Heath with their Zed Series, and Soundcraft with the EPM/EFX series. Other notables are Behringer (Mr Consistency) and Mackie (The Comeback Kid). Interestingly, Mackie was probably the one who started the whole lot, with their incredible Made-in-the-U-S-of-A super consoles back in the day. The old VLZ… Read More »

August 24

We love deals, as you’ve probably worked out by now. Sometimes we get some tasty ones put together by our suppliers – the importers of all this fine gear, and sometimes the deals are dreamt up by the manufacturers themselves. Usually though, this means that console is exactly what you want, but the speakers aren’t quite what you’re looking for – or vice versa. BUT this time we’ve put… Read More »

April 12

A couple of ripper mixers have hit our console room lately, and here’s the first: Soundcraft’s latest addition to the Si Digital series of mixing consoles. This Si Compact 24 is exactly as its name suggests – VERY compact, and 24 microphone (or line) inputs are located on the rear. Actually the rear connection panel is jam packed, so if you’re… Read More »

August 19

soundcraft si1 factorysoundRecent visitors to Factory Sound will have seen a nice shiny addition to our digital mixing console range – Soundcraft Si1 – the small footprint all-in-one digital front of house console for live sound. Theatres, small venues, Houses of Worship, for either permanent installation or touring applications. A brand new 32 + 4 channel Si1, fitted with a 2nd redundant PSU, all in a toursound flightcase has a Recommended Retail… Read More »