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February 28

factorysound-tv-rigThe trucks are unloaded, and the tour is over. We saw a stack of new gear in the flesh, and got to have a good chinwag with not only the local importers, but in some cases the international representative of the product. Part of the charm of CX Roadshow is that it’s not too big and overwhelming, plus we took a stack of video… Read More »

March 14

The StudioLive story keeps getting better and better. When Universal Control 1.5.2 was released, it was like Christmas had come early. Not only did this release mean that all new StudioLive 16.4.2 console would have a separate 31-band graphic EQ on every aux, but it also meant that existing StudioLive 16.4.2 owners were able to grab a free download to add those SIX additional 31-band GEQ to their already hard-working consoles. Anyway, that’s old news… Read More »

October 13

Presonus, you’ve done it again. Not content with a simple software nip, tuck and tidy up to cater for Mac OS X® 10.7 (Lion), this latest version of Universal Control is a big plus for current (or future) StudioLive users. First of all, straight to the big one – for anyone who’s been wanting more graphic EQ for their StudioLive 16.4.2 you’ve now got it. In fact, how does six of them sound! Here’s the extended… Read More »

June 28

For keen observers of internet pre-hype – you’ll already know that there has been plenty of it surrounding the pre-release of this console. But… all pre-hype must eventually come to an end. In this case the news is all good though: Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 is now in stock, and ready for action! Major differences between the new 16.0.2 and the original StudioLive 16.4.2 or the bigger StudioLive 24.4.2? The new 16.0.2 includes… Read More »

August 9

studiolive24-aNot long to wait now… StudioLive 24.4.2 is getting very close to landing at Factory Sound. Of course, it’s been dead-set easy to strap a couple of StudioLive 16.4.2 mixers together to make a 32.4.2 solution (or daisy-chain up to 4 making a 64.4.2 monster), but in just a couple of weeks, we’re going to have the brand new 24 channel … Read More »

February 19

studio live survival kitIt’s great to wake up on a Friday morning to a little surprise. Here’s today’s one: Presonus has put together the Soundman’s Survival Kit (no, we didn’t name that one), and it’s free if you purchase a StudioLive between today and April 30th 2010. It’s $120 worth of essential tools to make sure the gig goes smoothly. No bottle opener, no stubby holder, no lighter, no extra large cigarette papers. Just real tools to help the gig, not distract from the job at hand. What you do after load out is completely up to you… Read More »

December 2

presonus studio live, heaps in stockWe’re full swing in December now, and it’s time to join the madness! Just in case you’ve run out of ways to claim the 50% govt tax rebate (before Dec 31, 2009 – don’t forget!) we have made a monster list of mixers. The biggest stacks in stock are Presonus StudioLive and Allen&Heath Zed, WZ and GL series. But deals are there to be done on EVERYTHING! Read More »

October 5

We’re lucky at Factory Sound. Not only do we get to play with the best gear around, but we also get to meet the makers of much of this equipment. Sept 24th was another one of those golden moments for us. Read More »

Jim Odom was in town, and he dropped in for a beer and a chat. Lucky for us the camera was rolling, and we managed to get 3 episodes for Factory Sound TV. Jim’s got a very laid-back manner, but he’s ‘right on it’ which becomes evident the more he talks. Not only is Jim the founder and president of Presonus, but he also still rolls the sleeves up and designs much of this great gear. Read More »