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September 15

relax-its-avxThere’s a lot of goodness crammed into a tiny package, once you start to discover Sennheiser AVX. We’ve had our first wave of stock roll in and out of Factory Sound, and have taken the chance to get a closer look. AVX camera wireless systems are perfect for filmmakers who need bulletproof audio, without complicated… Read More »

February 28

factorysound-tv-rigThe trucks are unloaded, and the tour is over. We saw a stack of new gear in the flesh, and got to have a good chinwag with not only the local importers, but in some cases the international representative of the product. Part of the charm of CX Roadshow is that it’s not too big and overwhelming, plus we took a stack of video… Read More »

May 30

We’ve been waiting for something like this for a while now. It’s not a handheld recorder with built-in microphones, it’s not a big recorder to stick in a sound cart – like Goldilocks said – it’s just right for DSLR filmakers. Who will use it? This one is truly a no-brainer. For any filmaker who is struggling to grab the best sounds to go with their sweet images, DR-60D is perfect. We all know that recording straight to your DSLR camera normally sounds fairly shizenhousen, and despite the quality of your microphones (good, awesome or otherwise… Read More »

March 18

From now until the end of March, we’ll be highlighting our favourite microphones as part of March Mic Madness. First up, the old faithfuls – referred to as the Industry Standard. Who’s in the club, how did they get there, and who is next in line to join the club? Back when we first opened Factory Sound, there was a handful of microphones that stood head and shoulders above the rest and were relied upon as the ‘go-to’ microphones. For live situations… Read More »

June 15

Enter now and you could be on your way to Record Plant in Hollywood to record with all-star producer Alain Johannes (Chris Cornell, Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Them Crooked Vultures)! We think we’ve cracked the code on how to win this killer prize. We’ve been thinking it’s dead set simple to win this prize, and apart from using Rode microphones and having a cracker song, there’s one little trick that could be… Read More »

November 22

Whew, our stock has finally arrived. GoPro cameras are offically GO at Factory Sound. And why were we waiting for stock? NEW MODELS! The new Hero 2 version is truly a beast, with now 10 Megapixel resolution, and image capture like you would expect from an improved version of the GoPro Hero. These cameras have traditionally been aimed at the ‘sporting’ types. In fact, the more dangerous… or extreme the sport, the better a GoPro Hero is suited. BUT we see them as being the ultimate effect camera for bands on stage, strapped to microphone stands, instruments, flown from lighting bars, and even used at the front of stage for punter cam – performer POV style. You could film your whole show with 3 or 4 of these… Read More »

March 2

We’ve got a nice bunch of Rycote gear lobbing this week. You may already be familiar with the InVision series USM (Universal Shock Mount), but the series has been seriously ramped up of late. Not only is there now a complete kit for studio microphones – including an integrated PopFilter, but for those wanting to use a shotgun for some more serious point-and-shoot camera work, there is now a complete kit to suit just about any camera matched with any shotgun… Read More »

November 11

waves_video-sound-suiteScreens and speakers, they obviously go hand-in-hand. But how do you fit into the world of video production. Do-it-yourself filmclips to go with your killer song? Perhaps vision is your primary thing, and someone else sorts the audio out for you? Maybe you’re not a hands-on person at all, and a talented team of creative individuals comes together to help breathe life… Read More »