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December 9

free-shure-headphones-x800Hands up if you want a FREE pair of headphones! The latest promotion from the Australian importer of SHURE, is this…Buy Shure Wireless and get a free pair of Shure SRH440 headphones* We’re not clever enough to reword their promotion, so here’s a blatantly verbatim grab from their promotion package… Read More »

September 15

relax-its-avxThere’s a lot of goodness crammed into a tiny package, once you start to discover Sennheiser AVX. We’ve had our first wave of stock roll in and out of Factory Sound, and have taken the chance to get a closer look. AVX camera wireless systems are perfect for filmmakers who need bulletproof audio, without complicated… Read More »

October 24

dead-wirelessBoth Telstra and Optus have been granted ‘tech trial’ licences to enable testing (supposedly in mild bursts… during business hours) of the 700 MHz spectrum. Oddly enough, this has coincided with the recent release of a new and already heavily subscribed model of smartphone. What’s the latest, and how will you be affected… Read More »

October 20

wireless-screamIt’s the date we’ve had locked in our diaries for ages… 31st December 2014. At the end of this year, a massive chunk of our existing spectrum will no longer be available to use for wireless microphones or wireless in-ear monitors. Anywhere from 694 – 820 MHz will be strictly off limits. Not only will it be illegal for us… Read More »

November 18

sennheiser-15-percentUPDATE: The incredibly popular Sennheiser Wireless Trade-In program has received a boost until the end of 2013. In a move sure to keep us all happy during this period before the looming Yuletide, all Sennheiser trade-in will now receive the very attractive 15%. No other details of the trade-in deal have changed. So here’s a reprint of our most recent Trade-in post, with the figures changed… Read More »

September 11

sennheiser-trade-inWay back in December last year, we announced the ridiculously good Sennheiser Trade-In offer for old (700 MHz) wireless systems. The good news This cracker offer has been extended. The bad news Trade-in deals can’t last, all must be finalised before the end of 2013 – so now is the time to get ready for… Read More »