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September 12

Be warned, there are no screens or soft touch buttons, no menus – just hard working analogue consoles that will happily get the job done. For the thousands of Allen & Heath Zed Series mixers out there working long hours through countless different environments, there’s a bunch of happy owners who don’t need to worry about the heart and control of… Read More »

December 2

presonus studio live, heaps in stockWe’re full swing in December now, and it’s time to join the madness! Just in case you’ve run out of ways to claim the 50% govt tax rebate (before Dec 31, 2009 – don’t forget!) we have made a monster list of mixers. The biggest stacks in stock are Presonus StudioLive and Allen&Heath Zed, WZ and GL series. But deals are there to be done on EVERYTHING! Read More »

September 26

Find out why we call this model a ’16 channel firewire recording mixer’ which is a pretty good summary. Of course, having the firewire ports (and ADAT) on board, it means the R16 is most certainly capable of taking a bunch of microphones (16 channels worth), and including your gain & eq settings, resulting in 16 channels worth of 1′s & 0′s. Read More »